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about us

 Orange Park Records (OPR) is an independent record label and music publishing company that identifies talented emerging and well established artists and helps them achieve success by providing its professional technical and entrepreneurial expertise.

     We believe that the freedom of creativity of every artist is a true value, and we want to allow all music lovers like us to be able to enjoy it. Our record label represents internationalism, globalization, dynamism thus breaking away from the patterns set forth by classical discography.

     To maintain sound engineering quality we have created a solid partnership with PoliStudioRecording (PSR) that offers the best audio equipment in the market and offers the highest level of quality recording matching the top world standards for audio recording.

     The professionals that make up the corporate team are at the forefront in their field and in the music business, from production, audio recoring quality, and technology to ensure that products that come out of OPR contain not only high-quality audio, but all the elements that make up excellence in music production.

     Established in 2007,  OPR has produced the works of a number of emerging artists both nationally and internationally in the genres of rock and pop. However, paralleling this project, OPR is trying to reach out to those artists who, although emerging, have the desire and the ability to have some control of their career, so we offer them support by co-producing their projects and coaching their choices. The company philosophy has always been based on the continuous search for new talents and support artists in their desire to make music and express their personality.

     Not only, because of our versatility and professional knowledge of the industry we are able to provide ad-hoc music created for theather plays, commercials, TV shows and movies. As publisher, Orange Park Records continues to develop its music library to meet the needs of its customers. Also deals with the management of copyright in Italy and around the world, and all services connected to this.

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