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Oumy & Maso


The project was born from the deep human and artistic understanding between the Italian Senegalese singer Oumy N ’Diyaie and the multifaceted Drummer and Producer Luca Masotti. The electronic sounds created by Luca meeting Oumy's Soul and Hip-Hop style give life to an original and refined sound.
After years of collaborations and experiments in different projects, their first single "Cooking Rice" was produced, and marks the beginning of their artistic partnership. Lyrics and melody are by Oumy while music sound design was created by Luca.
The song talks about how to regain one's independence by following our inner light.
For their launch video they relied on the experience of the director Paolo Dopperi who gave the project a decidedly abstract and minimalist imprint. The filming was carried out at the DNaRT studios in Florence, Italy.



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