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Gabriele Lopez


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         A Roman artist in the soul, that has always been accompanied by music, in fact as a child played and compose music. Soon of age he joined several bands that allowed him to develop into different musical genres that have enriched his musical development and made him the artist of today. In recent years, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with Italian artists of national importance such as Rosario Di Bella and Mirko Fabbreschi, from "I Raggi Fotonici", that has further developed his career as an artist, singer, musician, and composer.


         His first album, “Nuove Direzioni” (“New Directions”), produced by Orange Park Records, is a summary of what his musical expression has become after many years of study and research: English rock combined with a strong sense of melody and song structure, a mixture between the best tradition of Italian rock and international sounds. Thanks to his international sonority with tendencies to British Pop/Rock, the album was also recorded in Spanish (“Nuevas Direcciones”) where it ranked among top 10 of "40 Latinos" and "40 TV" for several weeks in addition to radio play all over the country. This success led him to play in Marbella at the 2009 Miss Italy in the World show. He also performed live in Marbella, Barcelona and Madrid. Not only that, back home in Italy his talent was recognized by artists of national caliber as Massimo Lopez who featured in the video "La vita che vorrei" Italian and Spanish versions. Moreover, Fiorello (famous Italian showman) hosted songs as “Colgo il senso” and “La vita che vorrei” on his daily radioshow. In addition, national radio networks such as Radio Kiss Kiss and Radio Rock have aired the single "La vita che vorrei.” Of all his commitments, the more evident is his constant presence on several live stages around Italy in cities such as Rome, Bologna, Florence, Perugia and Milan to mention a few.


          Gabriele Lopez has just finished his new album "The World Around Me" to be released this spring in Italy. This conveys an explosive mixture of Rock and Pop and sounds that range from purely international groove, decisive, incisive and grunge, along with more intense and melodic songs make this album an international product with its English lyrics.


            Gabriele, who is also a talented voice actor has dubbed Justin Timberlake in the Italian version of "The Social Network" and Johnny Galecki in the series "The Big Bang Theory" to mention a few. This talent clearly gives him the versatility to sing in different languages, mainly in Italian English and Spanish, to express himself within these cultures.



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