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NIO is a group formed by the brothers Oumy and Ibrahima N’Diaye. Their genre ranges from Funk to new soul.
When Ibrahima starts playing the guitar, they immediately start writing their own pieces.
In 2011 they are accredited to the Ferrara Buskers Festival and make their first live.
In 2012 they won the "Voices of the Mediterranean" competition and in 2013 the "Sottosuolo Spring Festival" competition in Perugia, Italy. This allowed them, for two consecutive years, to participate in the European Music Festival and open the concerts for artists such as Mama Marjas, Funky Pushertz and Nidi D’arac.
In 2014 they opened concerts for 99 Posse and later for the Bisca.
In 2017, at the Alcazar, they have the opportunity to open the live of Tony Momrelle, one of the singers of the band Incognito. In the same year, they took part in the album by keyboardist Emiliano Pari.
In September 2019 their first single "Woman" was published, available in all digital stores
They are currently in the studio for the realization of their first album



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