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3MM4 (Emma Lo Bianco) is a London born and bred neo soul singer, songwriter. Half-British, half-Italian she’s been immersed in music and creativity since she was little.


3MM4 grew up surrounded by vinyl (her father being owner of a London based vinyl import-export company) and there she found her first neo soul and 90s r&b records: Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, D’Angelo that became the soundtrack to her teens.


A fan of all the arts but after landing a job at the Umbria Jazz Festival, Italy, she came into contact with international jazz and soul artists and she decided to follow her heart and focus on her music. 


She has lived between Rome, London and New York, blessed to be able to draw inspiration from the diverse cultures.


3MM4’s EP F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) features the title track F.L.Y., a colab with Maso, Rome based neo soul producer. A dreamy, neo soul track with old soul lyrics. 


3MM4 has featured as vocalist and singer for Oscar winning Paolo Sorrentino.


She’s worked as a singer songwriter for various producers: Davide Alivernini, Flavia Lazzari, Emanuele Vesci, Leonardo Cesari.


She was also singer songwriter for Salt Peanuts, a Parisian neo soul band, for tracks ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Sweet Confusion’. 



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